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Hearthside Luxury Apartment
Rental Agreement

Extended Stay Longview WA
Longview Corporate Housing

2025 Tibbetts Drive, Longview WA 98632, Phone 360-425-1517,  Fax 360-423-0717

Apartment Address

Hearthside Luxury Apartments
2125 Tibbets Drive, Apt
Longview WA 98632

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  1. Agreement:

    This agreement (contract) is in effect after Owner has received funds and both parties have signed this agreement. Minimum stay 1 month. Tenant must give Owner 20 days written notice before vacating premises.

    Apt #

    Corporate Furnished: Entry fee $500. Pet fee $500 for each animal. Fees are nonrefundable.

      Pets are not allowed, unless described in section 13 of this agreement and manager agrees-consents to pets listed there. Manager's consent will be indicated by signing this agreement. Consent may be revoked if problems occur. See section 13.

    Charges for cost(s) described in sections 9, or penalty described in section 13, owed or assessed upon vacation of apartment will be in addition to nonrefundable fees. Tenant will be held liable for any additional amount not covered by nonrefundable fees and agrees to pay Owner within 10 business days of being billed.

  2. Fully FurnishedApartment Includes: bedroom(s), bathroom(s); window dressings-coverings; built-in dishwasher, refrigerator, range, oven; coin-op laundry machines; free basic cable TV, free Internet; cookware, dinnerware, utensils, kitchen soap and scrubbers; bathroom soap, linens; vacuum cleaner. Owner pays all utilities, including basic cable TV and Internet.
    Hearthside's free Wifi is broadcast in 2.4G and 5G. Please try both to see which works better for your device (and your location in the building).

    Hearthside's free Internet (Wifi and ethernet plug) is good enough for most people, but power-users may want to upgrade by purchasing their own residential Internet account from Comcast or Century Link. If you're a power-user, or have concerns about our Internet performance, please read our webpage about Free Internet Performance.
    Tenant agrees NOT to do illegal activities on the Internet. Tenant is responsible (liable) for their Internet activities.

    Tenant agrees to give credit card # for deposit to cover any pay-per-view movies, or other cable TV (or Internet) upgrades that tenant may order.

    Additional Details:
  3. Tenant Pays: $ per month, to commence , due thereafter on the day of the month. There is a $50 late fee if rent not paid within 7 days of due date, an additional $25 late fee each day thereafter until rent is paid, and a $50 fee for returned checks, plus accrued charges.
  4. Proration: $ for days rent in the first month.
  5. Payments:
    To be Paid Prior
    to Occupancy
    Pro-Rated Rent
    1st Month Rent
    Entry Fee
    Pet Fee
    Total Receipted
      Tenant to Pay
  6. Smoking Policy: * Smoking is not allowed indoors; and not on patios, decks, balconies; not within 40 feet of windows or doors. No smoking in those places.

    Smoking (legal substances) is allowed only in outdoor designated smoking area(s). Smoking illegal substances is not allowed anywhere on the property.

      Smoking in bathroom with fan on is NOT allowed. That causes smoke damage to bathroom that is obvious and easily detected (even months later) by anyone with a normal sense of smell.

      Smoking indoors will result in a $700 smoke damage clean-up fee in addition to loss of $400 standard Entry Fee, and eviction. Additional cleaning or damage fees may apply.

    You may smoke outdoors farther than 40 feet from doors or windows. The farther the better to be considerate of non-smokers.

    If you have guests who smoke, please explain the smoking policy to them. You are responsible for your guests. If your guest violates the smoking policy, you will be held responsible and liable for any damages.

    I read smoking policy and agree. Tenant(s) Initial *  
  7. Clean-Up: If Tenant(s) spills (or makes any type of mess) in common areas (lobby, community room, hallways, stairs, parking lot, indoor or outdoor common areas, etc) tenant agrees to clean up their mess promptly.
  8. Tenant Liability: Tenant is liable for cleaning and damages.
  9. Reasons for Charges-Fees: Items listed below are reasons for charges-fees to Tenant(s) at time of move out.

    A. Inadequate or unsatisfactory cleaning: $75 per hour charge for additional cleaning.

    B. Loss or damage to premises and furnishings beyond normal wear and tear, including but not limited to broken glass.

    C. Violation of Smoking Policy. See Section 6.

    D. Pest infestation caused by Tenant(s).

    E. Unpaid rent, late charge, returned check.

    F. Failure to return keys, or remote control(s) - such as remote(s) for TV, fan, A/C, etc. A $75 fee will be charged for each missing item.

    G. Insufficient notice to vacate tenancy - All notices must be written notices.

    H. Loss or breakage of furnishings or other contents furnished by property Owner.

    I. Violation of Pet policy. See section 13.
  10. Occupancy: Only individuals listed on this agreement may occupy the premises. A guest may stay up to 48 hours per week, as long as they don't cause disturbances. Exceptions can be made to allow guest(s) to stay longer than 48 hours, but exceptions require prior written consent of Owner, and may require a background check on the guest. Owner reserves the right to require a background check on any guest, even if staying less than 48 hours.
  11. Use: The Tenant(s) will not use the premises for any other purpose than a residence, and will not use the premises, or any part thereof, for illegal purpose(s).
  12. Maintaining Premises: Tenant agrees to keep premises neat, clean, sanitary, and put garbage in sealed (tied shut) plastic bags, and place a proper receptacle.
  13. Pets are not allowed, unless listed/disclosed below and agreed to by manager. Manager's consent will be indicated by signing this rental agreement. A cat or small dog might be allowed (limit 2). There is a $500 nonrefundable pet fee per animal. An unauthorized pet is grounds for eviction and $1000 penalty.

    Manager may revoke consent if problems occur, such as: Aggressive behavior, frequent howling-barking, damaging property, urine or feces inside building, feces left on lawn, etc.

    List and describe (disclose) pets here (limit 2 pets):

    Manager's consent to pets listed above ^ will be indicated by manager signing this agreement.
  14. Decorating, Additions, or Alterations: Painting, wall-papering, additions, or alterations to the property are not allowed without prior written consent of Owner.
  15. No Junk or Inoperable Cars: No junk or inoperable cars will be permitted on the premises.
  16. Owner's Right to Enter Premises: Owner has right to enter premises at reasonable times with reasonable notice to Tenant(s) for purpose(s) of inspecting premises, showing premises to prospective tenant(s) or purchaser(s), or making necessary repairs.
  17. Plumbing Problems: The cost of correcting plumbing problems caused by tenant's negligence will be charged to the Tenant(s).
  18. Broken Glass: The cost of replacing broken glass will be charged to the Tenant(s).
  19. Hanging Pictures: Stick-on picture hangers, double-faced tape, molly-screws, and contact-paper are not allowed. A small finished nail angled down is the proper method.
  20. Motorcycles and Bicycles: Motorcycles and bicycles are not allowed in the living units.
  21. Return of Keys: Rent will be charged until keys are returned.
  22. Notice to Vacate: Owner may elect (by giving written notice) to have Tenant(s) vacate premises 20 or more days prior to end of rental period; except when reason is non-payment of rent, in which case Tenant(s) must pay all rent due or vacate premises within 72 hours from receipt of notice.
  23. Rent Adjustment: If rent amount changes, it is agreed that all other provisions of this agreement remain in effect.
  24. Remainder of Agreement in Effect: If any portion of this agreement is held to be invalid, the remainder (including any attachments) is not affected.
  25. Disorderly Conduct: Disorderly conduct is not allowed. No drunkenness, disorderly conduct, loud noises or commotion that will disturb other tenants or damage property. Disorderly conduct is grounds for eviction.
  26. Rules and Regulations: Tenant(s) agrees to abide by rules and regulations of Owner, City of Longview, State of Washington, and USA as they apply to Tenant(s) and Hearthside Luxury Apartments.
  27. Tenant(s) Agree That: Violation of any term(s) of this agreement is grounds for eviction and/or other legal action(s) by Owner, and/or additional charges-fees.
  28. Other:
  29. Legal Fees: If Owner finds it necessary to take legal action to recover rent or damages, or evict Tenant(s), including Tenant(s) staying in premises beyond agreed date, or date specified in notice to vacate premises, Tenant(s) can be liable for court costs and reasonable attorney's fees, in addition to rent and/or damages as provided by law.

This rental agreement and any attachments are designed to comply with the Landlord Tenant Act of 1973. Residential.

I/We hereby agree to the above stipulations.

Payment of $________ has been received and receipted for
Apartment # .
Accepted by Bond Development
and Longview Corporate Housing:


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