Explanation of terminology related to furnished apartments, corporate housing, and extended stay in Longview WA, near Kelso WA.

Our goal at Longview Corporate Housing (LCH) is to provide you with the best apartments available as unfurnished apartments or furnished apartments for extended stay in Longview WA.

We use the terms extended stay and corporate housing interchangeably and synonymously. Our furnished apartments are extended stay (corporate housing) because they include linens and other items and services associated with extended stay aka corporate housing.
Unfurnished apartments are available for 11+ months stay. Furnished apartments (extended stay AKA corporate housing) are available for 1+ month(s) stay.

Introduction - Questions & Answers

Do I have to work for a large company to be eligible for extended stay? No, not with us.

Some vendors require that you work for a large company. Those vendors will not rent to an individual or small business. This is common at 3+ star hotels that offer extended stay (corporate housing). We don't have that requirement. Private individuals and small, medium, and large businesses are welcome at Longview Corporate Housing. Any qualified applicant may rent from us. We require a background and credit check (paid for by applicant).

What's the minimum stay for furnished housing, extended stay, corporate housing?

Hotels-motels offer 1+ day(s) stay (higher price plus hotel tax). Extended stay (corporate housing) typically offers 1+ month(s) stay (with lower price and no hotel tax). Unfurnished apartments typically offer 11+ months stay. Furnished apartments can be 1+ month(s) like extended stay, or 11+ month(s) like unfurnished apartments, depending on vendor. Lodging/housing for 12+ months stay is a lease (whether furnished or not). These categories of housing and lengths of stay are based on WA state laws for taxes and contract law.

At Longview Corporate Housing (LHC), we configured our furnished apartments the same as extended stay AKA corporate housing.

We offer 1+ month(s) stay in extended stay apartments (corporate housing) aka fully furnished apartments. 1+ month(s) is typical for extended stay though some vendors require 3+ month(s) stay. We also offer unfurnished apartments for 11+ months stay.

Cost - How does cost compare?

Our extended stay units are typically larger (700 to 1000 sq ft) and better furnished than a hotel room, and we cost less than a hotel. Two weeks in a local hotel typically costs the same as 4 weeks in our extended stay apartments.

Glossary - Explanation of Terms

Furnished Housing

Furnished housing includes all furniture and standard appliances. The term "furnished housing" is vague because it doesn't describe the setting (hotel, apartment, condo, house) and it doesn't describe the length of stay, nor the level of furnishings. i.e. - just furniture; or furniture, linens, cookware, and dishware? How about kitchen and bathroom supplies? Furnished housing is a vague term that would include all categories of furnished housing.

Furnished Apartments

Furnished Apartments refers to an apartment that includes the furniture. It generally does not include other items (linens, cookware, dishware, kitchen and bathroom soap and other cleaning supplies, vacuum, iron, alarm clock, and more).

At LCH, we don't just offer furnished apartments. We offer fully furnished apartments for extended stay (that includes everything needed for extended stay AKA corporate housing) in a high-end apartment setting. When we say we offer "furnished apartments" we really mean we offer "extended stay apartments" (corporate housing in apartments).

Extended Stay

Extended stay is furnished housing that includes appliances, furniture, cookware, dishes, silverware and dinnerware; kitchen soap and scrubbers, bathroom soap; linens; iron and ironing board, vacuum, alarm clock, and free Internet access. Extended stay housing can be located in any suitable location (such as a hotel rooms, apartments, condominiums, or single family homes). It's usually most affordable in an apartment. We have several locations in apartments offering extended stay in Longview WA, near Kelso WA.

Extended Stay Housing

Same as Extended Stay.

Extended Stay Hotel

This is Extended Stay housing located in a hotel. An extended stay hotel room suite costs more and usually offers less space than extended stay in an apartment or condominium. Our extended stay locations are in large luxury apartments and condominiums (by Longview standards).

Corporate Housing

Same as extended stay, but typically available only to employees of large companies that have an account with the property owner. Our Longview Corporate Housing locations are available to anyone, regardless of size of company they work for, and are also available to private individuals. Credit and background check required. See next section below.

Other Terms

Corporate Accommodation - Same as extended stay and corporate housing.

Corporate Apartment - Corporate housing in an apartment.

Corporate Condominium - Corporate housing in a condominium.

Short Term Housing - Same as extended stay and corporate housing.

Temporary Housing - Same as extended stay and corporate housing.

Business Stay - Same as extended stay and corporate housing.

Executive Stay - Same as extended stay and corporate housing.

Long Term Hotels - Same as extended stay hotels. Extended stay, aka corporate housing, in a hotel room or suite.
We offer corporate housing and extended stay in Longview WA, near Kelso WA, in the following settings:
1 bedroom apartments with 680 sq ft.

2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartments with 800 to 850 sq ft.

2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom apartments with 850 to 900 sq ft.

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments with 1000 to 1200 sq ft.