This page helps guests from out of town find food quickly and easily. This is provided by our computer techs who are single men who love good food and bargains.

Did you just move in? Are you tired and hungry, but don't know where to find a restaurant or grocery store?
 Prepared food or groceries can be delivered to your door for a modest delivery fee. We'll give some local advice for that, as well as where to go out to eat or shop.


2930 Ocean Beach Highway
(360) 575-6240

Safeway Grocery's Ocean Beach Highway location is a 5 min drive from Copperwood Apts, 1.5 blocks from Hearthside Apts, or 10 min drive from River's Edge Condos

It's a good place to shop in person and their website is a good place to shop online (and they deliver to your door the following day). We find Safeway groceries good quality and fresh with reasonably good selection.

If you have (or get) a Safeway card you will receive discounts on sale items. Friday is the most cost effective time to shop at Safeway because most sales happen on Friday.

You can go to Safeway's website and order groceries online for delivery to your door the next day, or go there in person to get groceries same day.

Free delivery on your first order.
Regular Delivery fee is $9.95 on orders $150 or more or $12.95 on orders under $150.
You can choose a 1 hour delivery window. For example: If you choose 7-8 PM then delivery must occur between 7-8 PM (the next day).
You can choose a 2 hour delivery window and get a $3 discount. 
You can choose a 4 hour delivery window and get a $6 discount.

We usually choose a 2 hour delivery window because that saves us $3 and it works for us.
3184 Ocean Beach Highway, Longview WA
(360) 636-1010

Fred Meyer's is 5 min drive from Copperwood Apts, 1.5 blocks from Hearthside Apts, and 10 minute drive from River's Edge Condos.

It's a good place to shop in person and their website is a good place to shop online. Fred Meyer groceries are very fresh and they have a large selection.

You can get a Fred's card for discounts.

You can order and pay for grocerie
s online. Fred's will do the shopping and bagging for you. Then you drive there and pick up your bag(s) of groceries.

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market
920 Ocean Beach Highway, Longview WA
(360) 577-3663

Grocery Outlet's is a 5 minute drive from Hearthside Apts and River's Edge Condos.

This little store has good selection, prices, and very fresh groceries.
 They don't deliver, but it's a great place to shop in person. The small size of the store makes it the fastest "in-person" grocery shopping experience.


To see eatery menus, go to their websites below.

Restaurants that Deliver

Jimmy Johns
Sub Sandwiches
1208 Washington Way, Longview WA 
(360) 578-9000

Delivery time is around 15 min (in our experience). Good 8" sub sandwiches with lots of meat for around $8.50, including delivery fee!

Bruno's Pizza
Excellent Thin Crust Pizza
1108 Washington Way, Longview WA 
(360) 636-4970
(360) 425-5520

Delivery time is around 1 hr 15 min (in our experience). All their (thin crust) pizzas are good, but their pepperoni is our favorite. 

You have to order $20+ of food to get delivery. 
We add pineapple and tomatoes (cooked-on) to our small pepperoni pizza to get the price just over $20 so we can get it delivered. Those extra toppings also make the pepperoni pizza tastier. Another way to get the price of a small pizza over $20 is to add a drink. A small pizza is enough for 3 people.

We ask for extra-well-done if it has extra toppings cooked-on. Extra toppings (when cooked-on) add extra moisture - so more cook time is needed.

Restaurants That Don't Deliver but have good food (in our opinion). If you're going to eat out, we like the places below.

Fast Food

Dairy Queen
Fast Food and Good Desserts.
3211 Ocean Beach Hwy, Longview WA
(360) 232-8380

Located on the other side of Tibbetts Drive from Hearthside Apts within very easy walking distance.

Good Fast Food
Longview WA
(360) 425-0050

We like Wendy's chili and baked potatoe because they're good, fast, and cheap. We like to pour the chili on a baked sour cream and chive potato. It's very tasty and filling, reasonably healthy, and costs around $3 (without a drink) for a good fast meal. Wendy's also has many other good things on menu.

Good Fast Food
Longview WA
(360) 425-8464

Nipps has the best fish and chips in town. It costs around $8 for 2 large pieces of cod, lots of really good fries, and a drink! Nipps seasoned fries are good, but we prefer their unseasoned fries (fat wavy crinkle cut fries). We order them unsalted (and dip them in Nipp's delicious dips). Nipps fry sauce, BBQ sauce, and tarter sauce are all excellent. We like dipping our fries and fish in their BBQ sauce. You can use ask for the dip of your choice. 

Nipps also has halibut fish and chips, which is allegedly better than cod. We've tried both and like both equally. The cod is much cheaper, but some people prefer halibut.

Nipps also has burgers and other things. We assume they're good, but we haven't tried their burgers because we love their fish and chips so much. They also have great milk shakes. We especially like their butterscotch milkshake.

Good Fast Food
600 W Main St, Kelso WA
(360) 501-4354

We like them for quality fast good made with fresh ingredients, but Burgerville isn't fast (in our experience). Don't go to BV if you're in a hurry - not even the drive through, but if you have time, BV has great food and milk shakes. Prices seem a bit high for fast food, but the food is good.

Note: Burgerville has online ordering through their website. If you want to speed things up, you can order food using their website. Then your food will be ready when you arrive at local Burgerville location.

Good sandwiches with lots of meat (but no veggies)
1156 Washington Way, Longview WA
(360) 414-3234

You're probably familiar with this fast food chain. We like them.

920 Washington Way, Longview WA
(360) 425-4040

You're probably already familiar with this fast food chain. We like them.

Two locations in Longview WA

We like Subway. Good and healthy food for good prices. You're probably already familiar with Subway.

Muchos Gracious 
(partly fast food, partly fine dining)
Great Authentic Mexican Food for reasonable prices. Fast food and fine dining options prepared fast and good prices.
1006 Washington Way, Longview WA
(360) 577-1900

We love this place. It's a fast food atmosphere (not fancy). The food is authentic plus some local dishes created by local Mexican Americans. For example, we like the Oregon burrito, which is full of beef steak strips and chunks, and potato strips and chunks, onions, mild peppers, and a little cheese). It's delicious. It's a local Mexican American creation burrito that uses potatoes instead of beans. We usually ask for a variation using chicken instead of beef. The chicken Oregon Burrito isn't on the menu, but they make if you ask.

They also have many authentic Mexican dishes. Their fast food items (burritos and tacos) are quality Mexican fast food for great prices. Their fancy menu items (dinners) are quality Mexican dinners you'd find in an expensive Mexican restaurant, but at good prices and prepared fast. I don't know how they do it, but they make good Mexican food faster than any other Mexican restaurant we've ever been too. Good stuff. You can order at the drive-up window or go in and sit down. It's a fast food atmosphere with hard benches. 

It's unusual eating fine-dining in a fast food setting, but you're getting fine dining at bargain prices. It's a tasty bargain and they make it fast.

We suggest sticking to mild foods and sauces if you don't want a burning mouth. If you like spicy food, they have that option. They might not warn you which items are hot. So ask, if it's a concern.

Restaurants (not fast food)

Country Folks Deli (for lunch and dinner)
1329 Commerce Ave
Longview, WA 98632

We love this place. The food is excellent and the prices reasonable. It's somewhere between casual and fancy atmosphere. It's classy, yet casual atmosphere and food are good for personal, business, or a date.

1329 Commerce Ave
Longview, WA 98632

The Bistro is located above Country Folks Deli. We've never eaten at the Bistro, but we hear it's excellent. It serves lunch and dinner, and is reputed to have an upscale fancy atmosphere while still being reasonably casual. We've never been to the Bistro, but we hear good things.

Longview WA

We like Sizzler for traditional American food. We especially like their all-you-can-eat "salad" bar. It contains a ton of salad and non-salad items, which is a plus because it includes salad, carbs, and meat. So it's a full meal. They also have good menu items you can order. If you're in a hurry, we suggest the salad bar only because it's fast and a full meal by itself. If you order a meal off the menu it takes a while.

Great Chinese Food at very reasonable prices.
Longview WA
(360) 636-3388

We love this restaurant for it's excellent Chinese food and low prices. That's true for dinners, and even more-so for lunch. Lunch is a bargain. You can buy the same meal as a lunch special if you get there before dinner time. We think the lunch cutoff is 3 or 3:30 PM, but we don't remember for sure.

The food is authentic, fancy fine dining with reasonable prices. The atmosphere is an old Chinese restaurant that used to have a fancy environment/feel far in the past, but is now dated and threadbare, yet the food is excellent and prices even better. We love the place.

There are other Chinese restaurants in the local area with equally good food, and a classier atmosphere, but they cost 2 to 3 times as much for the same food. We think Kim Bowl is great. The atmosphere is fine for lunch and dinner by yourself or with a friend, especially if you're after good food for a good price. It's not an ideal place to bring a first date, but would be fine for a later date, especially if you want to save some money.

Semi-Classy, Semi-Upscale Restaurants

Great Tai food for reasonable prices. Some dishes appear and taste Tai (spicy), Cambodian (sweet), Chinese, and some a combination of those.
Longview WA

They have fast food and fine dining options in a moderately fancy environment located 1.5 blocks from Hearthside Apts. Some dishes or sauces are spicy hot. Hart C has choices of mild, med, hot, and HOT. If in doubt, discuss your preferences with the waiter before ordering. 

We prefer mild food. We order the "Monday" or "Tuesday" combination meal with 2 extra egg rolls. Their Weds and Friday combos are also mild and good, but we personally prefer the Monday or Tuesday. Thursday is HOT. Despite the weekday names of their combination meals, you can order any combination meal any day of the week. Their egg-rolls are fantastic. Their chicken garlic soup is very good if you like strong garlic. Various sauces can be salty, sweet, hot, or HOT. Sauce on the side is a safe option if in doubt. It's a semi-classy atmosphere.

Great authentic Mexican food

Excellent food for reasonable prices. It's approx 7 blocks from River's Edge Condos, which is less than a 5 min drive.

This is a reasonably nice restaurant between medium and upscale in our opinion. It's a nice dining experience and a quiet place to relax and enjoy. It's a good place to bring a friend or a date for quiet private cozy atmosphere. It's a semi-classy atmosphere.

Don Pedro
Excellent authentic Mexican food for reasonable prices.
Longview WA

It's not very close to any of Corporate Housing Longview WA's buildings, but it's a very nice place and only an 10 minute drive from River's Edge Condos. It's rather far from Hearthside Apts.

This is a reasonably nice restaurant between medium and upscale in our opinion. It's a nice dining experience and a quiet place to relax and enjoy. It's be a good place to bring a friend or a date for quiet private cozy atmosphere. It's a semi-classy atmosphere.

Classy Restaurants

Fiesta Bonita
It's the classiest restaurant in the area (that we know of).
Three Rivers Mall, 420 Three Rivers Dr, Kelso WA
(360) 577-9087

Fiesta Bonita is in Kelso, about a 10 minute drive from River's Edge Condos. It's about a 20 minute drive from Hearthside Apts.

It has good Mexican food with a classy celebration/party atmosphere. One side of the building is a classy family oriented restaurant an upscale party feel. The restaurant side is the type of place to bring friends or family members who don't drink, or who brought their kids along. The restaurant side is a popular place to bring friends, family, or a date on their birthday, or any time for fun or celebration.  

The other side is a classy bar with a great bartender and excellent drinks. On the bar side of the building, the music is slightly loud, which fits the party atmosphere. On the restaurant side the music is quieter.

The restaurant side is a good place to bring a date who does not drink. The bar side is a good place to bring a date whether they drink or not. We don't drink (anymore) but we prefer the classy upscale fun party atmosphere in the bar, and it's a great place to meet new people. No one cares if you drink or not.

Fiesta Bonita is not a place to eat fast (or drink fast). It takes time. If you have the time to relax, eat good, and have fun; then it's the place to be. Prices are what you'd expect at the classiest restaurant in the area. 

However, they have bargains on cheap (but good) tacos every night in the bar during happy hour. Happy hour is 3 PM to 6 PM and 9 PM to 10 PM daily. That's one reason we prefer the bar side (even though we don't drink). We love a bargain on good tacos during happy hour. 😉 

9289 Highway 30, Westport OR

This place is great for fine country dining with excellent, food, good atmosphere, and good prices. It's 45 minutes into the Oregon countryside from Longview. If you want to explore on the weekend, this is a great place to visit. In addition to great food, they have excellent berry jams, jellys, pies, and wines. The berry products (including wines) are from local WA and OR farms and vineyards and are amazingly good and the prices are reasonable. It's not close to any of our buildings, but it's to good to leave off the list. They have the best food, jams, jellys, pies, and wines we've ever had anywhere, and the prices are very reasonable.

This is a nice restaurant in a country setting with a nice dining experience. It's a quiet place to relax and enjoy. It's a good place to bring a friend or date. It's classy in a country way. 

They're open for lunch everyday, but are only open for dinner on Fri and Sat from 4 to 8 PM, and Sun 4 to 7 PM. They stop admitting new customers 25 minutes before closing. It's a 45 minute drive from Longview. So plan accordingly.